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In 1962, Al Muzny started our company with a single wrecker and a small Texaco gas station. 


With a handful of employees, he worked hard and forged strong bonds with customers through mutual respect and by consistently exceeding their expectations.

We learned early on that meeting the expectations of our customers would be the key to our success. We developed quality service, reasonable prices, and prompt pickup and delivery of towed vehicles.

In 1969, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission issued its first tow truck license to Al Muzny: Certificate No. 0001.

Twenty years later, we reached a significant milestone in our history by being awarded a contract with the City if Oklahoma City for towing operations in the Northwest quadrant.

At that time, we moved the offices and yard to its present location on North Villa. We have expanded the yard several times since then and can now accommodate more cars than any other towing company in the area.

Full Service Towing and Certified Heavy Duty Towing

 More than 40 years have passed since our humble beginnings in 1962.

  • With over 30 tow trucks and over 40 employees, Arrow Wrecker offers a complete line of towing solutions to individuals, large commercial accounts, the City of Oklahoma City, the State of Oklahoma, and the Federal Government.
  • With the largest secured storage facility in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, Arrow Wrecker is also able to store vehicles inside a secured facility for police impound and seizures.
  • Arrow is the only wrecker service in the area to host the U.S. Marshal auctions.

As we continue to grow into the 21st Century, we do so with the deep appreciation of our employees and our many valued customers.


Arrow Wrecker has received multiple recognitions and awards for occupational safety and health. They've been chosen again and again for the American Towman Ace Award, which puts them in the top 1% of towing operations for service reliablity and professionalism. They've recieved other awards including the Oklahoma Safety Council awards, DAS Outstanding Service Certificate, and commendations from the Oklahoma Trucking Association.


Arrow Wrecker has received many awards for their community involvement. Among many community minded activities, they've helped the Oklahoma Highway Patrol cadets learn about wreckers, participated in S.A.D.D., and helped neighborhoods be the best they can be.

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Licensed and Insured. 700 N. Villa, OKC, OK 73107
Ph: 405-943-1800; Fax: 405-236-3502;

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