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Candace Muzny: Dreams Do Come True


Fast Lane Motorsports News, January 2005

candace1Our own Candace Muzny was featured on page 8 of the January 2005 edition of the Fast Lane Motorsports News. The article chronicled the successful attainment of Candace's life-long dream of becoming a successful racecar driver. Excerpts from the article are found below.

In the article, author Keith Mercer described Candace's "most rare and elusive ability...<she> knows how to succeed." Candace studied Fashion Marketing at the Art Institute of Dallas and is now working on her BA. "Candace grew up in an atmosphere infused with the attitude of success. Her parents are Vanita and Al Muzny...<owners> of Arrow Wrecker the largest, most successful wrecker service in the nation. Its accomplishments have garnered several national awards and put Al Muzny in the 'Who's Who Registry of America.' Forbes Magazine will soon spotlight Arrow Wrecker Service.

"Candace hooked up with car owner Del Dalrymple and earned a seat in a paved late model. ...The primary target of Dalrymple's two-car team was Irwindale, CA, the 140 mph NASCAR half-mile that draws 60+ late models when the call goes out for a big event. ...'She listens better than any driver I've ever worked with, and drives better than most,' Del commented.candace2b

"Candace was the first female to make a feature final late model field in Irwindale. ...Missing nearly half the races due to out of town pursuits, Candace finished the season 25th...13th in ASA ...and 8th in Open Comp.

"<After being involved in a crash>, the focused lady...came back without hesitation the very next weekend and finished seventh in another tough feature. ...'I don't want to qualify, I want to race,' she said with a smile and a sparkle in her eyes that told the story. She's earning respect on the track and drawing attention everywhere else.

"With a marketing background,candace Candace is as comfortable off the track as she has become on it. Lines of fans wait for her autograph after a race. The team makes frequent public appearances with the cars, particularly at churches. Candace is active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes."

Candace had other good teachers along the way. She's had sessions with Jesse James and Shirley Muldooney. She was in the movie Perfect Lies, driving the 08 later model.

"Sponsoring Candace...were DGGR Packaging & Crating, Arrow Wrecker Service, Currie Enterprises, Alliance Metals, and Vergola Custom Roofs. Jasper Motors has signed on for the 2005 season. ...The newest member of the sponsorship team is Terry's Trailers.

"The dream has become quite specific now. Candace intends to be the first female to win a NASCAR Nextel Cup race. There are already those who want to bring Candace along to the party now. Del is keeping a watchful eye out for his protege.... Plans call for testing Busch and Nextel Cup cars at every chance while pursuing a top ten in ASA. Candace wants a top five....

"Whatever the series, Candace proudly puts down Oklahoma City, OK, as her hometown. The future looks very bright indeed. With skill, planning and an indomitable drive to succeed, Candace Muzny is on her way. With the poise of an experienced spokesperson and the sincere modesty of a girl from the Heartland, Candace closed our visit with 'I feel fortunate and blessed to be where I am'."

Keith Mercer, Fast Lane MOTORSPORTS NEWS, Jan. 2005

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