The Only Ones in the State With Special Tow Trucks for Highend Vehicles

You've invested a lot of money in your luxury vehicle. And, when you need it towed, you want it done right. You want it done in such a manner that the vehicle isn't damaged from the towing process.


Arrow Wrecker Has Done It Again! They've Gone the EXTRA Mile to Provide You With Special Towing Solutions!

These special tow trucks are the ONLY ones like them in the State of Oklahoma!

How are they special?

  1. They are designed to move your vehicle up into the wrecker in a manner that protects it better than regular tow trucks.
  2. They are designed to keep your vehicle on the wrecker in a manner that also better protects it.
  3. Our drivers of these specially designed tow trucks must have special training to know how to operate them.
  4. It takes more time to move the vehicle into the tow truck, as special procedures must be performed.

Those are just some of the special features of these tow trucks. Call us at 405-943-1800 to learn more.

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Pictured above: Owner Al Muzny with daughter, Candace Muzny.
 Special Towing for High-end Vehicles
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