As part of our Towing expertise, we are able to recover a vehicle that has gone into a ditch or ravine.

We have been providing the Oklahoma City Metro area with safe, reliable towing and recovery services since 1962. One of our specialties is winch-out services -- or pulling vehicles out of a ditch or bank.

Arrow Wrecker's Winch-out or Recovery Wrecker Service:

When your vehicle is in a ditch or snow bank, you need help now! We can pull your vehicle out of a ditch, snow, mud, sand, ravine...any where. To do this we use a winch attached to our wrecker truck. The winch is a motor with a pulley. Attached to this pulley is a long steel cable with a hook on the end. We attach the hook to your vehicle's frame, start up the motor, and safely pull your vehicle back to a good surface. If need be, we can then tow your vehicle to a repair shop, change a tire that got ruined when you got stuck...or whatever needs to be done!

Arrow Wrecker's Heavy Duty Recovery for Trucks:

We are also proficient at Heavy Duty Recovery. To read more about heavy duty recovery or towing services for trucks, please click here to go to our Heavy Duty page.

Below, you can see a picture sample of Arrow Wrecker winching a pickup truck out of a deep, rocky ravine.


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Pick up truck is way deep in the rocky ravine Cables attached to our wrecker are pulling it out

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