Here are forms you will need to get your vehicle released to an insurance company, or to a friend or relative. You can also submit a form to authorize payment using a credit card.

The “Affidavit of Nonuse” form can be used instead of proof of insurance if your vehicle is uninsured because it is no longer being driven. In this case, your vehicle must be towed – you will not be able to drive it off the lot.

If you need to obtain an accident report or driving record, use the link below to get the appropriate form from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

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Release My Vehicle to an Insurance Company or Third Party (See online form at bottom)

Release to Insurance Form (pdf)
Liberación al seguro – Español (pdf)

Release My Vehicle/Property to Another Person

Absentee Release Hold Harmless (pdf)
Autorización ausente para liberar y mantener indemne – Español (pdf)

Credit Card Authorization

Credit Card Authorization (pdf)
Autorización de tarjeta de credito – Español (pdf)

Oklahoma DPS Records Request


Affidavit of Nonuse

Affidavit of Nonuse (pdf)

Release My Vehicle To An Insurance Company or Third Party (Online Form)

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