My Car is Impounded

My Vehicle Has Been Impounded – Now What?

If you think your vehicle has been repossessed, contact your lender. If your vehicle has been towed from private property or a public street, you may want to check for signs posted in the area, or contact the property owner, to determine which wrecker service was used.

Arrow Wrecker wants you to get your vehicle back! You may retrieve your vehicle up until the day of auction by paying the towing and storage fees, and providing the documentation outlined below.

Find Your Vehicle

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety offers a stored vehicle search. You can check to see if yours is listed here.

Get Your Vehicle Out of Impound

You can get a vehicle out of impound by providing:

  • Payment for removal and storage costs
  • Proof of ownership
  • Proof of identity (or authorization from owner – see below*)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Release of any law enforcement holds, and applicable fees

Arrow Wrecker accepts cash and major credit cards (no checks) as payment for impound fees. There is a $15 after-hours fee after 5:00pm and on weekends. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission establishes maximum rates for non-consensual towing services.

Proof of Ownership

You must show vehicle title or registration as proof of ownership.  

If your vehicle registration is expired by more than 30 days, the Tag Office charges a daily fee and you will need to provide title and proof of insurance to register the vehicle.

You do not have to wait for a new title to come in the mail (approximately 3 to 7 business days). You may request that the Tag Office print off a current printed registration, then provide that as proof of ownership.  

Proof of Identity

You must show a government-issued photo ID such as a driver licence, state ID, military ID, or passport, that matches the name on the proof of ownership.

*If you authorize someone else to pick up your vehicle, you will need to fill out an “Absentee Release Hold Harmless” form to give permission to a specific person. This form must be notarized. The person claiming your vehicle must also present a valid ID, and all other items as noted above.

Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance includes a valid, unexpired insurance policy or insurance verification form with the vehicle’s VIN number listed. Insurance does not need to be in the vehicle owner’s name.

If your vehicle is not insured because it’s not being driven it you may provide an Affidavit of Nonuse instead of proof of insurance. In this case, your vehicle must me towed – you will not be allowed to drive it off the lot.

Proof of insurance must be provided when a vehicle has been impounded. A vehicle may be impounded for a variety of reasons, including these:

  • the vehicle has been reported stolen
  • the vehicle has been abandoned
  • the person driving the vehicle does not have a valid license, or is arrested
  • the owner or driver is not in a position to take charge of his vehicle at the scene of an accident
  • the vehicle has been used in the commission of a felony offense
  • the vehicle is not insured
  • the vehicle is involved in a fatal collision and is needed for evidentiary purposes.
Law Enforcement Holds

If your vehicle has been impounded by the Oklahoma City University Police, Nichols Hills Police, OU Medical Police, or Village Police Department, you will need to provide a receipt as proof of payment of their $100 administrative fee. You will need to pay this fee at the police department.

Retrieving Personal Property

You may retrieve personal property from a vehicle upon showing proof of ownership and identification. Personal property includes items stored in a vehicle, but does not include attached or installed equipment, vehicle keys, devices to start and unlock the vehicle, and the spare tire and tools to change the tire.

If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle and wish to retrieve personal property, you must present a notarized copy of the “Absentee Release Hold Harmless” form and a valid form of ID (see above).

In certain circumstances Arrow Wrecker may need to request permission from the OCPD to release your property. Unclaimed personal property will be sold with the vehicle at auction.

What if my car is totaled?

If you do not have full insurance coverage and your vehicle is worth less than the cost of towing and storage after an accident, you may still retrieve your personal property. If you have clean title, you may choose to sign title over to Arrow Wrecker, and you will not be held responsible for future storage bills.

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